Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Listen to your favorite music for free

The following websites offer a music search engines where you can easily create playlists and listen to them, free of charge.

You don't even have to sign up to listen.

There is no need to download anything as you can stream the music directly from your browser.

Most of the services are pretty similar, at least to the average Joe. Enjoy!

Playlist is an online community where 40 million users create and share music playlists. allows you to play your music on any social networking site or your own blog. They have built the largest music search engine on the web with the most popular music widget in the world.

Imeem is the world's largest social music community, where you can, play & discover music, make and share playlists, embed your playlists anywhere online and connect with friends, bands and celebrities

MP3 Realm
Mp3Realm is an evolving search engine focused distinctively on audio in Mp3 format. Mp3Realm allows you to search for your favorite songs and clips, and filter them out by file duration. Your searches can be based on artist, title, genre or album. Mp3Realm also index's lyrics, so you can sing along to your favorite songs.

SkreemR is a search engine for locating audio files on the web. The website doesn't actually host any files, but indexes what exists on the publicly accessible reaches of the Internet. It currently indexes over 6 million mp3 files from over 100,000 web sites.

iLike is an online service that allows users to download and share music. The website makes use of a sidebar that is used with Apple's iTunes. The program and sidebar are not required in order to use the site but allow for ease in discovering new artists. Although the website is still in a somewhat beta version, it is open to anyone. This includes major label artists as well as independent artists.

Grooveshark is a web-based music application built for anyone on the Internet to listen to music on-demand at no charge. Users have the ability to listen to single songs from the 7-million song catalog, save playlists, and embed both on other websites, blogs, and social media profiles via the Grooveshark Widget.

Seeqpod is a music search engine, with over 12 million songs indexed. Seeqpod's player is embeddable and will automatically find music videos while you listen to songs. Users can also create their own playlists.

Deezer is a free music streaming service. In September 2008, Deezer stated that there were 3.7 million songs available on their service.

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. Unregistered users can watch the videos, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos. is a UK-based Internet radio and music community website, founded in 2002. Users can create custom radio stations and playlists from any of the audio tracks in's music library, and are able to listen to some individual tracks on demand, or download tracks if the rights holder has previously authorised it.

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